Where the heck did February go?!?!?

Really, I don’t know if February checked in with any of you guys out there before it decided to piss off, but it certainly didn’t check in with me first.

And while we’re at it, where did 2013 go? And my twenties? And when did my itty bitty kittens turn into mountain-lion sized cats?

The hamsters and I have just come out of a conference with ourselves, and we’ve decided this whole thing is just not on.

And can anyone really, incontrovertibly, prove, without a shred of doubt, that there are truly 24 hours in a day?

We think there’s a conspiracy afoot.

I mean, think about it….how many to do lists just cannot possibly get finished in a single day? Don’t start with me about unrealistic expectations and reasonable goals, my goals are perfectly reasonable, the time just disappears. I mean, there is no reason I can’t do all the grocery shopping, read two books, watch a favourite movie, Skype all of my family, write three letters, do the laundry, send my invoices, and mend my boyfriend’s pajama pants all in one day, if there were really a full 24 hours.

There really has to be something going on here. Let’s take daylight savings time, for starters, which just mucks everything up. And how does it make sense if it’s not the same everywhere? I’m in Australia, and our daylight savings is different from the USA….and we’re already in the future here compared to my folks in Boston, MA, so yeah….something is definitely afoot.

Last I checked, I was still on tour, it was early December 2013, and I was waiting with bated breath to be able to get on a plane and fly home to Melbourne to be here permanently. It was taking forever at the time. Now, I look up and suddenly, almost overnight, it’s basically March of 2014.

I just don’t know how it happens. The hamsters don’t have any answers either.

I think the kittens know. When I asked them they remained silent but got these looks on their faces….like they knew, but they just wouldn’t tell me. Maybe the cats are behind the conspiracy, I don’t know, but could someone please help me find all my lost hours? They’ve got to be out there somewhere.

Maybe with all the lost left socks.

I am determined to get to the bottom of this.

Just One of Those Days….

Sundays are my Fridays.  For me it’s the end of my work week and the last few shows before a day where I can do whatever I want, even if whatever I want includes NOT setting an alarm and making all day friends with my pajamas. 

Truth be told, it’s been raining almost non stop for the last few weeks so when I get to my day off, my pajamas and I generally continue our all day friendship, and I’m ok with that.

But this isn’t about tomorrow and the everything or nothing that might be in my future, it’s about today.  And today is definitely just one of Those Days. 

Those Days tend to involve a large feeling of powerlessness and a slight increase in paranoia where everything just needs to be more difficult.  It should be noted that I have observed a very clear pattern between Those Days occurring just before a day off.  Just before my weekend…and Those Days tend to drag out interminably.

So I’m curious if other people have these regular Those Days or if it’s just me.  Today’s version of Those Days is sponsored by my computer, my internet connection, the rain and financial spreadsheets.

It’s the kind of day where you try so hard to avoid that really big puddle that you ignore the fact that you’re actually walking straight towards another puddle and end up stepping in it and NOT avoiding what you were trying to avoid to begin with.

It’s the kind of day where you find yourself pulling your hair out because you cannot gain access to a research site that it seems ABSOLUTELY IMPERATIVE that you access RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW, only to discover that it made you take a break you needed to take to see the problem more clearly on your own and find your own solution.

It is a day of seemingly endless, highly exasperating face-palm moments.

It is a day where I seem to make sport of calling myself all sorts of names and try to laugh at myself.

Those Days are the days where I have a choice – I can either feel helplessly buffetted along by a strange wind, or look for the silver lining and see what I might gain.  Those Days typically start out with me having the overwhelming feeling that it might have gone better if I”d just stayed in bed and usually end up with some humbling epiphany.  Typically I start out frustrated when I realize I am having one of Those Days but sometimes, I’f I’m really clever and aware, I can turn it around and just grin at it and try to be willing to learn something.

So, yeah, I’m having Just One of Those Days, but I’m trying to be optimistic, and I’m keeping my eyes open for whatever I’m really supposed to be paying attention to (rather than what I THINK I’m supposed to be paying attention to, which is usually pretty far off the road I should be travelling.)

Cheers to you if you’re having Just One of Those Days too.