You’re Gonna Hear Me Roar

Ok, so trolling Facebook today at various times I noticed several people had shared a link to a video called Roar….

Being at work I never clicked on the link. Didn’t really look at the commonly shared post at all.

Until I got home. Then the newest post on my newsfeed was my best friend sharing it….without a comment…and I thought, hmmm….pretty rare she doesn’t comment. I wonder why? I wonder what this is all about? She didn’t comment because she didn’t have to.

What it is all about is joy and beauty and grace and strength and….

Oh my god….when we all tweet or joke about #firstworldproblems WE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT.

Watch this.


And rejoice, celebrate these amazing children, and doctors and nurses that face untold horrors every day AND CAN STILL FIND JOY.

All of us are guilty of tunnel vision. Guilty of falling into our own little molasses pits of….whatever. I make no judgement against that, I have my own molasses pits. I come by them honestly. I’ve earned both my scars and stripes…however…

These kids make me want to stand up and roar for them and meekly apologize for what I thought was so important it justified choosing to be Eeyore with a perceived perpetually lost tail.

Watch this video again and again and again.

Remember you have more than you know.

Remember what you HAVE faced, and fought, and come out the other side of and be glad. Don’t just be glad, be PROUD. Every single one of us has endured something that shifted the fabric of who we are. No can stand in judgement over that. However, it is so very easy to let the small stuff, the stuff we have no control over, achieve equal status to the big stuff…let these kids get our perspectives back on track.

Be grateful for the lessons you have learned.

And if nothing I have said here resonates with you, for pete’s sake, at least….PLEASE SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL.

And thank you, to the children and staff of Dartmouth-Hitchcock—you gave me more in a few minutes than I would have thought possible.

I bow to you all…