Carpe Diem….

I like to think of myself as being organized and productive. My other half calls me “Monica” from Friends, as a gentle jab to let me know maybe I’m trying to make things too organized. He’s constantly reminding me that everything does not have to be planned. And these are good reminders. Necessary reminders. It can be pretty easy for me to get mired in the little stuff and let bigger opportunities pass me by.

An example, we a fortunate enough to have a boat and about a zillion fishing rods. We both love to fish. We both love to be out on the water. The only hitch in the plan for me is it usually requires getting up well before the sun, which I feel is…unnatural. After all, if the sun has not gotten up yet, why should we?

So, I was dragging my feet about taking advantage of this beautiful Australian summer weather and going out on the boat, purely because I didn’t want to get out of bed that early. That’s the only reason.

Well, yesterday, I picked up my feet, we set our alarms for 4:30 in the morning, prepped everything the night before and off we went. And I got to spend a beautiful sunrise with the love of my life out on the water in Port Phillip Bay, with half a dozen rods in the water and camera at the ready.

We had a gorgeous morning out on the water….absolutely gorgeous – the weather cooperated, and while the big Snapper did not, I did manage to catch quite a few pinkies which was just as fun.

WHY….WHY….WHY do I insist on having to learn the same lesson over and over and over?

Because, of course, what happened? We had huge smiles on our faces, enjoyed a beautiful morning, and there I was, in the truck on the way back home begging my other half not to let my whinging about early morning alarms get in the way of us doing this again soon.

That’s just one example. I also fall victim to procrastinating the persnickity jobs around the house that I dread doing, but feel hugely proud of myself when they are done. And really, persnickity they may indeed be, but it’s not taking a whole lot out of my day to do them, and I love the result…why put it off?

It’s a dangerous cycle, and it all comes back to overthinking things, something I am an old hand at. I think about it too much, when it really would be best, most of the time, to just jump in and do it. I try to remember to stop and smell the roses, but sometimes I forget that stopping to smell the roses does NOT actually include stopping and overthinking and talking myself out of things that are good.

So today my motto is Carpe Diem, today is the day to enjoy the fruits of our labors, to enjoy eachother, and to take care of the things that are most important….yep, Today is the DAY!

I’ll post back tomorrow and let you know how long this leaf stays turned over, but I am determined to think positive!

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